Why Should I Learn English?

There are a lot of lists spreading along web sites that dictate reasons to learn English. In this brief section of our blog, I’d like to introduce some of the main ones which I found more interesting and more encouraging for people coming from other non-English countries to try to learn this language.

FUN. Every adventure should begin with thinking about a prize or reward at the end after all of the effort required is finished. In other words, we should question ourselves, “What am I going to get if I learn English?” Well, it’s good to remember that English is the one of the most spoken languages in the world, excluding Chinese Mandarin. In many countries English represents the second official language, which means wherever you are, you are always able to speak to someone for information, get to know people, make friends and have fun. Moreover, most of entertainment is broadcasted in English such as films, movies, even important world events, like the Olympic Games, Football World Cup or music awards and film festivals. Therefore, once you are able to master this language, the fun is guaranteed as well as the real prize, which may be feeling a little bit more a part of this world.

USEFUL. Another reason to learn English is the competitive advantage it has in a global fast-paced economy, like the one where we are living in. Labor markets are more competitive than they used to be and finding a job can be very hard if you don’t have the right skills. An average level of English proficiency would open more doors and provide bigger opportunities. It also gives people the chance to access some of the world’s best universities, and all the information available on the Internet. It also provides the possibility of attending international events and conferences. These are all factors that make people who are proficient in English more desirable to employers. It’s not a secret that international companies prefer hiring workers and professionals who can speak English because it can facilitate the communication inside the departments between people from different countries. It also shows and clearly demonstrates a powerful brain, reflecting on someone who has put in a huge amount of time, resources and commitment needed to master another language.

NOT SO COMPLICATED. The way to achieve proficiency won’t be easy and won’t be fast, however, learning English can be less complicated than people expect. In fact, the alphabet is simple and equal, meaning there is no difference in using a word to refer to someone without being scared to look impolite or rude. English is very friendly and you don’t need to use a word different from “you” relying to somebody when you are in a formal or informal occasion. There is also is no difference between a masculine or a feminine word like there are in the rest of European languages.

In conclusion, learning English may be a challenging adventure which can be completed by anyone. It can seem scary at first, but considering all the fun and usefulness, it may be able to make you see that it is a journey which is worth taking part. So, who is up for an adventure? Who wants to learn English?

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