Beleza Mano!

Hello! My name is Jean, I’m 19 years old and am a student in International Trade. In the framework of these studies, I had the opportunity to work at Study & Work Assist during 2 months as an intern. I wanted to work in Ireland, Dublin in particular, so I’ve sent an email asking for an internship and they replied me very fast. They seemed interested, despite the short notice (less than a month between our first contact and the beginning of my internship).

I arrived in Dublin on Saturday 9th May, where they welcomed me and drop me to my new accommodation. On my first day of internship one of the managers introduced me the company and explained what my task would be. So I’ve been able to start working quite fast. Moreover, there was already another French intern so he helped me to get involved in the company and we worked as a team. He had to go back to France so that gave me more responsibilities as the only intern in the company. I improved my English as well. My work suited exactly with what I studied all year long: client prospection. I also took charge of translations, helped in the communication strategy, welcomed new clients and gave them support. I did a lot of different tasks. As it was my first professional experience, I didn’t know how to do a lot of things. It has been very difficult for me to know where to start, or to define some working methods. I was not very organized, but I could trust in my colleagues to help me when needed.

I lived for 2 months in a shared room in a student house. There were 11 of us in the house, so it helped me to make friends fast. They were from 22 to 30 years old and from all around the world. I’ve known people from Brazil, from Turkey and from Mexico!

When I left France, my aim was to discover Ireland and enjoy all the opportunities. I think I did well. I’ve explored Howth and Bray, not far from Dublin city center. I’ve also enjoyed a 3 days weekend thanks to a bank holiday. I went to Killarney and its wonderful National Park just after passing through Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. In 3 days I was convinced that Ireland is an amazing country, full of extraordinary natural landscapes. I’ve learned so many things being with people from other cultures, living my first independent adventure.

Dublin is a nice city to live in. You can go by foot for almost every corner of the city. Buses and tramways are easy to use as well. A lot of people use bikes, although I personally enjoyed the city on the wheels of my skateboard. Dublin has a great nightlife too. You’ll always meet a lot of people in Temple Bar, but there is also a lot of nightclubs and pubs around Camden and Harcourt Street. Enthusiast about techno music, I found joy in the Hangar. I was always looking for new events to go and I never refused going to museum. Alone or with my new friends, I always tried to be active and this is what made me live such a fantastic experiences.

During 2 months, I’ve been an intern in Study & Work Assist and a foreign student in Dublin. During 2 months I did my best for the company and to do as much as possible activities outside my work. I met a lot of people and appreciated wonderful moments. I recommend everybody going abroad in such an adventure, it has been my life most rewarding experience. I’m still young and today I know I want to live similar journeys in my future.

The amazing intern of SWA,


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